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Welcome to the The Soccer Officials of Tennessee (SOT) website!

It is our desire to provide positive information to assist you with keeping informed with all aspects pertaining to the soccer official in Tennessee. Whether you are a referee, assessor, instructor, assignor, coach, player, or fan, our site will guide you to particular points of interest for everything soccer official.

While striving to make this site more useful, we intend to keep a simple-to-use format. I hope you find the SOT website useful and informative!

Mike Candebat
State Referee Administrator, Tennessee

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Who must attend the Advanced Clinic on July 26, 2014?

  • All Grade 7 and above referees who wish to remain at their current grade for 2015 recertification.
  • All Grade 8's in the upgrade program for grade 7.
  • Anyone who was once a grade 7 or above who wish to return to the grade they previously held or at least grade 7 under the NEW policys on Jan 1, 2015
  • The SRA is the only one that can waive the Advanced clinic

Who Must take the FIFA Sprint and Interval test (Test will be offered at the advanced clinic on July 26, 2014).

  • All Grade 6 Referees who wish to recertify for 2015 at current or higher grade.

Grade 7 referees' (Or grade 8's in the upgrade program) who wish to receive priority assignments in adult matches will have a new fitness test available in multiple locations this fall.