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20 September, 2016


 SOTN is proud to announce that the below Tennessee referees and assessor have been confirmed by USSF at the following grades for 2017:

Leland Grant - grade 3 Referee

Brooke Mayo - grade 4 Assistant Referee

Andy Moss - grade 3 National Referee Coach


          Leland, Brooke and Andy started their referee/assessor careers in Tennessee, have remained committed to SOTN and ultimately climbed the ladder to a very high level.  I assure you that when each of them made the decision to move up, it required a ton of dedication, perseverance, expense and a little politics to name a few.    My personal congratulations to each of you on this achievement and a greater appreciation going forward with each of you giving back to the program through SOTNU.

         I’d like to recognize referees who received awards at 2016 Region III tournament in Greenville, South Carolina this past summer:

 Best AR’s at Region 3

Michael Cline – 1st year

Michael Mysiewicz – 1st year

Audra Fullen – 1st year

Regan Sheen – 1st year


Best Referees at Region 3

Donovan Eubank

Josh Nobles – 1st year as a grade 6

Ariel Morris – 1st year as a grade 6


Presidents Cup

Josh Nobles – 1st year as a grade 6

Ariel Morris – 1st year as a grade 6



Donovan Eubank


         The SOTN grade 7/7A and State 6 referee pool has dramatically increased over the past 18 months. I’m honored to say that Tennessee’s grade 7/7A and State 6 referees are of the highest quality in Region III. That’s not just a subjective opinion as SOTN referee/assessors have consistently outperformed their counter parts from other states in Region III and stack up nicely at the national level too.


        This fall’s TSSA State Cup will be in Memphis 29-30, October and Murfreesboro 5-6, November. Either event will qualify for State Referees requirement on attendance.


Mike Candebat

SRA, Tennessee


How do special-cases officials register for 2017?


Special cases are officials who will not recertify by taking a run-of-the-mill recert clinic. Special cases typically include officials who satisfy any of the following:

  • referees grade 5, 6, 7, 15 & 16,
  • referees who attended the advanced clinic (one of the three SOTNU events that were held) plus those who were excused from attending it,
  • referees who are expecting in-service-training credit for attending an SOTU event, or some other approved event,
  • instructors, and/or
  • assessors.

Please go to the following URL for more information and/or to register for 2017(that is, to pay your registration fee(s), to complete your 'paperwork,' and to take the appropriate refresher exam).

Note: If you are a referee who will be upgrading (instead of recertifying) for 2017, do not follow the special-cases instructions for your referee registration. Instead, follow the instructions you have or will have received from Brady regarding how to register as a referee for 2017. On the other hand, if you are planning a mid-year upgrade sometime in 2017, follow the special-cases instructions given at the above URL.


Who Can take the State 6 FIFA Sprint and Interval test (Test will be offered at the advanced clinic's).

  • All Grade 6 Referees who wish to recertify for 2017 as a grade 6 referee.
  • Grade 7 Referees in the upgrade program to grade 6
  • Emeritus Referees - pending space available
  • Grade 7 Referees - pending space available
  • Grade 8 Referees in the upgrade program - pending space available

Grade 7 (including grade 8's in the upgrade program) & Emeritus referees' who wish to receive priority assignments in adult matches may take the grade 7, S&I test locally. Contact your DRA for more information. Space permitting, those in this catigory may take the grade 6 fitness at any of the advanced clinics.