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The 2019 SOTN Advanced Referee Clinic will be held at Central High School, Knoxville, TN., on 3 August, 2019.

    There will be more information pertaining to the clinic including registration, start time and hotel info. Please check the link on the SOTN website homepage for additional info as we get closer to the date.   The fitness test will not be conducted.

    Going forward the clinic will be rotated around the state with 2019 being held in Knoxville and 2020 in Nashville.

     As a reminder, the clinic will be open to all SOTN members but is required of all referees grade 7A, State 5/6.  If a referee cannot attend the SOTN clinic I’m able to approve an out of state clinic to count as advanced training for 2020 recertification.


Mike Candebat

SRA, Tennessee


How do special-cases officials register for 2019?


Special cases are officials who will not recertify by taking a run-of-the-mill recert clinic. Special cases typically include officials who satisfy any of the following:

  • referees grade 5, 6, 7, & 15,
  • referees who attended the advanced clinic (one of the three SOTNU events that were held) plus those who were excused from attending it,
  • referees who are expecting in-service-training credit for attending an SOTU event, or some other approved event,
  • instructors, and/or
  • assessors.

Please go to the following URL for more information and/or to register for 2018(that is, to pay your registration fee(s), to complete your 'paperwork,' and to take the appropriate refresher exam).

Note: If you are a referee who will be upgrading (instead of recertifying) for 2018, do not follow the special-cases instructions for your referee registration. Instead, follow the instructions you have or will have received from Brady regarding how to register as a referee for 2019. On the other hand, if you are planning a mid-year upgrade sometime in 2019, follow the special-cases instructions given at the above URL.


Yes - SOT fitness test are different than those published on the USSF web - we are aware of the differences.

Grade Emeritus 16 no longer exist. State referees grade 6 & 5 both retire to grade 15.