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The Soccer Officials of Tennessee (SOTN) represented TN Soccer at the Region 3 Youth Division 1 Championships in Greensboro NC from June 22 through June 29.  Some facts that are not widely known;

  • Region 3 has 12 separate State Delegations that participate in the Region 3 Tournament.
  • US Soccer requires each of the 12 delegations to send a contingent of referees and assessors.
  • Referees are not paid any fees for participating in the Region 3 Tournament
  • TN Soccer and the Soccer Officials of TN are independent organizations and share referee expenses incurred to participate in the Region 3 Tournament.

This year Region 3 tournament played a total of 564 matches to select champions that will represent Region 3 at Nationals.  The 12 referee delegations provided @ 170 referees and @ 45 Assessor/Coaches to Region 3 Assignors to officiate the 564 matches. SOTN referees officiated on 128 total matches, 31 Quarter Finals, 10 Semi-Finals and 8 Finals. Every referee from TN received at least 2 matches on Quarter Finals or better. SOTN received more than its fair share of matches if you divide the number of referee slots available by the 12 delegations. On Round Robin games SOTN + 11 over fair share allocation, Quarter Finals + 4, Semi-Finals + 1 and finals + 4. Hard work, preparation and poise paid off in assignments.

Awards on Tuesday night at the Region 3 delegation dinner again favored TN referees. Results are as follows;

Individual Awards: There are only 4 individual awards given to more than 170 referees, TN was awarded two of them and came within a few votes of winning The Andy Stone Award  as the best assessor with Claude Airall.

The Dave WIlliams Award - a female referee between 18-30 who exhibits high competence on the field, shows a strong inclination to advance her career, and demonstrates a professional level of commitment to improving her referee skills.

Award Winner: Ariel Morris from Lebanon, TN

The Bill Scofield Award - top level referee between the ages of 20-30 who exhibits both high competence on the field and a willingness to help fellow officials off the field in furthering their development and encouraging them professionally and socially.

Award Winner: Judson Holden from Lavergne, TN

Nationals: Selected to represent Region 3 at Nationals Division 1

Selection: Donovan Eubank from Jackson, TN

Presidents Cup: Selected to represent Region 3 at Nationals Presidents Cup Division 2

Selection: Michael Mysiewicz from Humboldt TN

Selection: Rebecca Luther from Murfreesboro, TN


Top Region 3 Referees:

Michael Cline
Michael Mysiewicz
Ricardo Hernandez
Ariel Morris
Donovan Eubank
Stephen Shirley

Top Region 3 Assistant Referees (AR’s):

Judson Holden
Sidney Halliday – TN youth female referee of the year
Rebecca Luther
Jody Lautigar

Additionally, the following referees were given Referee Assignments (Whistle) that were significant.

EUBANK, DONOVAN      - 17 – F – QtrFinal

- 17 – M – Semi Final

CLINE, MICHAEL          - 19/20 – M – QtrFinal

HERNANDEZ, RICARDO - 17 – M – QtrFinal

MORRIS, ARIEL           - 19/20 – F – QtrFinal

MYSIEWICZ, MICHAEL - 17 – F – QtrFinal

NOBLES, JOSHUA        - 18 – M – QtrFinal

SHIRLEY, STEPHEN      - 14 – M – Semi Final


Mike Candebat

SRA, Tennessee


How do special-cases officials register for 2018?


Special cases are officials who will not recertify by taking a run-of-the-mill recert clinic. Special cases typically include officials who satisfy any of the following:

  • referees grade 5, 6, 7, & 15,
  • referees who attended the advanced clinic (one of the three SOTNU events that were held) plus those who were excused from attending it,
  • referees who are expecting in-service-training credit for attending an SOTU event, or some other approved event,
  • instructors, and/or
  • assessors.

Please go to the following URL for more information and/or to register for 2018(that is, to pay your registration fee(s), to complete your 'paperwork,' and to take the appropriate refresher exam).

Note: If you are a referee who will be upgrading (instead of recertifying) for 2018, do not follow the special-cases instructions for your referee registration. Instead, follow the instructions you have or will have received from Brady regarding how to register as a referee for 2018. On the other hand, if you are planning a mid-year upgrade sometime in 2018, follow the special-cases instructions given at the above URL.


Yes - SOT fitness test are different than those published on the USSF web - we are aware of the differences.

Grade Emeritus 16 no longer exist. State referees grade 6 & 5 both retire to grade 15.