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New (2015) USSF & TN Referee Grade Maintenance

Confused on the NEW referee grade maintenance and upgrade program?

Lets put it all in perspective.  USSF made effective new criteria for referee grades in the summer of 2014.  This new criteria was to take effect for 2015 certifications and re-certifications.  SRA's were given permission to amend some of the USSF policy's and implement them for mid-year upgrades for the fall of 2014. 

What Soccer Officials of TN (SOT) did.

Grade 6 - 

The Tennessee SRA/SRC adopted the USSF standards for grade 6 in July 2014 for mid-year upgrades.  The SRC also amended the USSF recommendations where that authority was authorized and published those Grade 6 standards for certification/recertification in TN on the web pages.

Grade 7 -

The Tennessee SRA/SRC did NOT adopt the USSF standards for grade 7 mid-year upgrades for 2014.  What that means is any request for mid-year upgrades to grade 7 in 2014 will have to meet the old criteria.  Assessment on a U17 or higher match, game log with 100 games (75 Referee & 25 AR), Fitness test (Old System)

2015 Recertification's and Upgrades will follow the new requirements.  See table on Up-Grade and recertification's.  In addition Amateur Leagues in TN are requesting a fitness test and possibly an assessment.  While these request have nothing to do with Grade 7 the SOT will honor these request by making a grade 7 fitness test available during the fall of 2014 at the District Level.  Grade 7 referee's who have a fitness test will be given priority when assigning Amateur games over referees who have not passed a fitness test.

Mid Year Upgrades -

Regardless of the upgrade, grade 7 or 6 the following conditions apply;

Mid Year Upgrade is approved BEFORE the advanced clinic. The referee will have to also meet the recertification standards for the next year. Nothing used for the mid year upgrade may be used for the next years recertification.

Mid Year Upgrade is approved AFTER the advanced clinic. The referee has completed all requirements for mid year upgrade AND the next years recertification.

As always the SRA has authority to apply exceptions on a case by case basis.