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The Soccer Officials of Tennessee



Measuring the Future

To lead and guide the development of soccer officials at all levels in Tennessee.

In 2008, Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) approved the incorporation of The Soccer Officials of Tennessee. We are a non-profit corporation with over 2600 members. Members include all referees, assessors, instructors, and assignors licensed with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and registered in Tennessee.

Although autonomous, SOT follows the guidelines of the USSF and TSSA in the administration of soccer officials in Tennessee. SOT is composed of a board of directors, which we call the State Referee Council (SRC). The SRC consist of a State Referee Administrator (SRA), Assistant State Referee Administrator (ASRA), State Director of Referee Instruction (SDI), State Director of Referee Assessment (SDA), State Director of Referee Assignment (SDRA), and six District Referee Administrators (DRAs). The SRA is appointed by the board of directors of TSSA with all other administrative positions on the SRC appointed by the SRA.

All soccer officials registered in Tennessee -- referees, assessors, instructors, and assignors -- are members of SOT.

USSF Bylaws and Policies Pertaining to Referees, Subpart D-Referee Administration, Bylaw 531.General Policies, authorizes SOT to implement policies related to referee registration, assignment of game officials, uniforms, referee qualifications, assignors, use of unregistered referees/assignors/instructors, misconduct toward game officials, misconduct by game officials, and ethics and restrictions on game officials, assignors, and instructors.

Mike Candebat
State Referee Administrator, Tennessee