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Referee Page

How to find an Assignor to get games

Click HERE for a listing of assignors - Updated 9-21-2017


Have questions about becoming a soccer referee?


Want to find out what's involved to become a soccer referee? Click here.

Want to cross certify from AYSO to US Soccer, click here.

Looking for administrative information? Click here.

  • Information on upgrading? Click here.
  • Recertification & Upgrade Tables. Click here.
  • Requesting an Assessor. Click here.
  • Requirements to Trave "Out of State" to Officiate. Click here.
  • How to print a USSF ID registration card. Click here.

Have other questions? Click here.

What is the FIFA Sprint Test? Click here.


Becoming a Soccer referee or Registering for a class


Have you even been registered with the United States Soccer Federation?

  • Yes - Recertification Classes
  • No - Beginner Classes



How to generate a list of assessors, assignors, or instructors


(To generate a list, you will need your SOTN.GameOfficials username and password. If you do not know these, please send an email to Peggy Gruzalski and ask her to send them to you. Please include your name and date of birth in the email.)

  1. Go to SOTN.GameOfficials and login.
  2. Click on Reports (left menu bar).
  3. Choose the link of interest:
    • Certified Assessors,
    • Certified Assignors, or
    • Certified Instructors.
  4. Limit your search if desired.
  5. Click Get Report (upper right of webpage).



Tennessee Referee Associations by District:


  1. West
    Western Tennessee Soccer Referee Association
  2. East
    Tennessee Valley Soccer Referee Association
  3. Northeast
    Tricities Soccer Referee Association