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Assignors "Look UP" to check Referee certification


It is the assignors responsibility to ensure all referees assigned to matches in TN are certified and current for the present year.  

TN's Game Officials registration process has a tool that can validate in "real time" a TN Referees' status. 

  • Video instructions on how to access and use this tool can be found HERE 
  • Direct link to the tool is found HERE

Assignors may download the entire Referee DB by followin instructions in the;

  • video link found HERE

Out of State Referees should have a statment of good standing from their SRA.  TN Assignors can require out of State Referees to show a USSF Registration Card - they are simple to download - see link on how to get a USSF ID card on our home page.

Current Assignors


For a list of TN Assignors Click HERE.

Current as of 9-21-2017

If you find an error in the above Excel file contact the ASRA.

Referees not qualified to Center D1 or Amateur matched in the above document may be assigned as referee on a D1 youth or Amateur match if they are only lacking the assessment AND an assessor is assigned and present at the match assigned.

Exceptions to Adult Assigning

Assignors may assign any referee they feel confident in on Adult matches that are inherently "small sided".  Grade 8 and up Referees when matches are "small sided" - on a smaller than regulation field.

SOT Assignors Guidelines


Grade 9 - U.S. Soccer Federation Recreational Referee

  • Assignment Level: Referee on recreational youth games U-14 and younger only and assistant referee on any game U-14 or below

Grade 8 - U.S. Soccer Federation Referee

  • Assignment Level: All youth games, assistant referee in comparable games

Grade 7 - U.S. Soccer Federation Referee

  • Assignment Level: All youth games and mixed leagues and assistant referee in the top adult division.

Grade 7A - U.S. Soccer Federation Referee

  • SOT designation: The "A" demonstrates that the Official has met the requirements to Referee (whistle) Amateur and State Youth D1 matches. This designator indicates taking of a qualifying Sprint and Interval test and an assessment on a U15 or higher match.
  • Assignment Level: All youth games and mixed leagues, adult amateur games through second division and assistant referee in the top adult division. To center (whistle) D1-State-League matches or amateur matches, a Grade 7 referee must take one of our sprint and interval tests and an assessment on a U15 match. 

Grade 6 - U.S. Soccer Federation State Referee

  • Assignment Level: Assignment Level: All youth games and adult games including first division and assistant referee in professional league

Emeritus - Grades 13-15

  • Emeritus grades allow State and National Referees the option of retiring from that level of officiating while retaining the grade and officiating at a lower level. Referee grades 5 & 6 correspond to emeritus grades 15 & 16, respectively.
  • Assignment Level: Assignment of Emeritus referees without the “A” designator as Referee (whistle) in Amateur or youth division 1 is NOT ALLOWEDAssignment of Emeritus as Referee (whistle) in youth D2-4 matches and as Assistant Referee at any level as needed to pass on their experience is most welcomed and is encouraged. 

Emeritus - Grades 13A -15A - Referees Emeritus with an "A" designator. 

  • SOT designation: The "A" demonstrates that the Official has met the requirements to Referee (whistle) Amateur and State Youth D1 matches. The "A" designator indicates taking of a qualifying Sprint and Interval test and the passing of an assessment on a U15 or higher match. Grade 13 is Exempt from the Assessment requirement.
  • Assignment Level: Emeritus referees with an "A" designation may officiate as often as they wish.  Use of Emeritus Referees should not deter the advancement of "Active" referees grade 7/6/5 however Emeritus Referees should be used as often as the assignor and Referee wish to pass on their experience. 

Amateur and Youth D1


Additional SOT requirements for Grade 7 and Emeritus Referees to Referee Amateur and Youth D1 matches.

  • 2016 Sprint and interval test
  • 2017 Sprint and interval test & Assessment

The attached excel listing demonstrates those that the SRC has records on that have attempted the FIFA Sprint and interval test and have been approved by the SRA to "Center" D1 and amateur matches for the Spring of 2016.

A Sprint and Interval Test and Assessments taken after July 1, 2016 will qualify for the remainder of 2016 & recertification for 2017.  

This listing will include assessments beginning 2017.

Only Grade 8 referees in the upgrade probram and up are in this listing.

If anyone finds an error in this listing please email The ASRA for resolution at; 

How to generate lists of referees, assessors, assignors, or instructors


(To generate a list, you will need your SOTN.GameOfficials username and password. If you do not know these, please send an email to Peggy Gruzalski and ask her to send them to you. Please include your name and date of birth in the email.)


  1. Go to SOTN.GameOfficials and login. You may have to select your assignor identity (click Change Identity on menu at left).
  2. Click on Reports (left menu bar).
  3. Choose the link of interest: Certified Referees, Certified Assessors, Certified Assignors, or Certified Instructors.
    If you are not an assignor, all of these options may not be available.
  4. Limit your search if desired.
  5. Do not use "District" to limit your search.
  6. Choose the "report format" you want (e.g., Excel).
  7. Click "Get Report" (upper right of page). Note that the numbers are unreliable in columns "years experience" and "district."


Assignor Recertification

  1. Attend the assignors recertification clinic once every three years.
  2. Cooperate with the SDRA in periodic audits of assignments for compliance verification.
  3. Require out-of-state referees to submit letters of 'good standing' from their respective SRAs granting the referees permission to referee in Tennessee.
  4. The annual registration fee is $30.