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Instructors Page

Welcometo SOTN's Instructor Page!
As time goes on, I hope to increase the usefulness of what is on this page. Please send your suggestions to me.

Thank you!

Greg Gruzalski
State Director of Instruction, Tennessee

How to generate lists of referees, assessors, assignors, or instructors


  1. Go to SOTN.GameOfficials and login.
  2. Click on Reports (left menu bar)
  3. Choose the link of interest: Certified Referees, Certified Assessors, Certified Assignors, or Certified Instructors.
    If you are not an instructor, all of these options may not be available.
  4. Limit your search if desired.
  5. Do not use ‘years experience’ to limit your search, and when you get your report, ignore the ‘years experience’ column. These data are unreliable.
  6. Click Get Report (upper right of webpage).

How to request a new class be added to the list of approved classes


  1. Begin here.
  2. Click 'Yes...' to continue.
  3. Select the type of class you are requesting.
  4. Enter the requested information.
    1. In the field called Host League, enter the lead instructor's name and the district in which the class will be taught. For example, if Rufus Woodard is wanting to teach a class in Murfreesboro, he would enter “Rufus Woodard / Central.”
    2. In the field called Special Request (near the bottom of the form), please list the names of the other instructors to be posted.
  5. The class fees that follow are the default. When applicable, a late fee ($15) is added for the recertification classes.
    Class Fee
    Total Fee
    Referee Entry Level (9) $30 $35 $65
    Referee Entry Level (8) $40 $48 $88
    Referee Bridge (9 → 8) $30 $48 $78
    Referee Recertification (9) $20 $35 $55
    Referee Recertification (8) $20 $48 $68
    Assignor Entry Level (8) $30 $35 $65
    Assignor Recertification (8) $20 $35 $55

    If a different amount from what's listed above is being charged, please indicate this in the field labeled Special Request. Do not worry about late fees, these will be added automatically when appropriate.

    If you wish to charge more than what is listed above, please also provide the justification (e.g., lunch will be part of the class).
  6. When you're done, click 'SAVE (Add Class)' at the bottom of the page.
  7. Enter your email address in the box that appears next and then click 'OK.'
  8. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from Open the email and click the link. If this isn't done, I may not receive the request.

To request a presentation kit, please click here.

To order books and badges, please send an email to Peggy Gruzalski. To find out which books need to be handed out at class, please see 'Which books do I need to handout in class' (below).



Requesting a new class

Note that this webpage is for registered instructors or those entering data on behalf of a registered instructor. It is not for those who would like to take a class or those who would like to see a class offered at a particular time or place.


Please select one of the following:




















How to accept or reject a teaching assignment



  1. Go to SOTN.GameOfficials and login.
  2. Click My Classes (left menu), and a list of your classes will appear. Note that, to the right of the 'select data' menu near the top of the page, there are two links: 'Not Accepted' and 'All.' These links determine what you see on this page: (a) only the classes you haven't accepted or (b) all of your classes. The link that is active is the one in blue.
  3. To accept a class, check the little box immediately to the left of the green circle. If you don't want to accept the class, check the little box immediately to the left of the white X in the red circle. If you reject an assignment, you will be asked to include the reason in the field labeled Reason.
  4. You also may scroll to the bottom of the page and choose 'Accept All' or 'Decline All.'
  5. Click the button that says 'SAVE Class Status' near the bottom of the page.



How to manage a class roster online


Once a class is approved, it will show up under 'Approved Classes' (top menu) and students will be able to sign up for it. If it is an entry-level class, each student will be asked to create an account on SOTN.GameOfficials; if it is a recertification class, each student will need to know his or her username and password. After the cutoff time (an hour or two before the class begins), students will also need the walk-up code to sign up for a class. Instructors assigned to teach the class and who have accepted the assignment may find the walk-up code on the online roster. How to find an online roster is described in the next few paragraphs.

To see a list of your classes, log on to, set your identity to 'Instructor', and click My Classes (left menu). The page that appears will show a list of your classes. Note that, near the top of the page, there is a small two-row table. In the top-right cell of the table there are two links:

   Not Accepted
   All (May Load Slowly)

What appears on the webpage depends upon which of these links has been last clicked. If Not Accepted is chosen, the classes shown will be those for which you have not yet accepted the teaching assignment. If All is chosen, all of your classes will be listed (which is why the wording 'may load slowly' appears). Feel free to click back and forth between these two links to see how the content of the webpage ia affected.

To see the roster for a particular class: First find that class in the list and then click the green link labeled Manage. Note that the roster shows how much money each person has paid for the class. If the green link labeled Manage doesn't appear, no one has signed up for the class yet.

To obtain a printable copy of the roster, click on the green link labeled Printable Roster. Note that doing this produces another webpage that really contains two copies of the roster. The two copies each contain different information.

To manage a class roster: After you have clicked the green link labeled Manage, click Batch Edit near the bottom of the page. From there, you may

  1. Record payments received by attendees,
  2. Keep roll, and
  3. Enter written exam scores and/or the results of a physical fitness test.

To close a class: Click Manage and then click Close Class. You may re-open a class whenever you wish. Therefore, please don’t delay closing a class because a few people haven't met some requirement. Instead, close the class (indicating who met the requirements) so that those people can get their certification recorded. If, at a later time, an attendee meets a hitherto unmet requirement (say, he/she passes the exam), simply reopen the class, make the appropriate modifications to the roster, and then close the class again. 


Which books do I need to handout at class?

For both entry-level classes and recertification classes, you should provide only the FIFA Laws of the Game (or the Laws Made Easy).


Where can I find a copy of the Instructor Report?

The Instructor Report, an Excel file designed to help instructors deal with the finances involved in wrapping up a class, can be found by clicking here.


A list of Tennessee cities and their corresponding districts

.  .  .  can be found here. In what follows, I refer to this a 'the pdf list.'

I realize that the official TSSA districts are only approximated by the pdf list. Because TSSA assigns each county to one district, some cities map into more than one district. For simplicity, however, I choose to ignore this annoying complication. And so, if you ever need to know in which district a particular referee resides (for referee-registration purposes), please feel free to use the pdf list.

If you notice errors or emissions in the pdf list, please bring them to my attention.


Greg Gruzalski