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Assessors Summit

Assesors Summit on June 9th

Location: Richard Siegel Soccer Complex 515 Cherry Lane Drive Murfreesboro TN 37129

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Contact Azan for additional information

Welcome from the State Director of Assessment

SOT will provide assessors with relevent information regarding assessing in Tennessee.  Our goal is to improve the quality of officiating in Tennessee by imparting timely information to referees to enhance their ability.

Additionally to assist the SRA in identifying young grade 8 referees who show potential for advancement.

For a timely response when I am not available, please contact Andy Moss at


General Information

Information on Assessing Tournaments click Here

Assessors Reimbursement Instructions click Here

SOT Reimbursement Form Click Here

Process for Requesting an Assessor Click Here

Who is in the Upgrade Program to Grade 7

  • Here for 2017 entries

Who is in the Upgrade Program to Grade 6 Click Here for 2014 entries

  • Here for 2016 entries
  • Here for 2017 entries


Process for Requesting an Assessment

The Following procedure will be used by referees requesting maintenance or upgrade assessment.
1.  Referee will contact their DRA requesting the assessment.
 a.  They will inform the DRA of the game date, time, and location.
 b.  The DRA will contact the SDA and provide him with the pertinent information.
2.  The SDA will contact the ASDA for the region the referee's game is in.  The SDA and the ASDA will agree on an assessor for the game.
3.  Once the game has been completed, the assessor will complete the online assessment within seven (7) days.
4.  If the SDA cannot be contacted for any reason, the DRA will contact the ASDA for the region the game will be played in.
5.  In case the DRAs cannot get in touch with the ASDAs the DRA may contact an assessor.  This will only be done as a last resort.  However, no referee should fail to get an assessment if an assessor is available to assess the game.
6.  This does not mean a referee should wait until the last minute to get their assessment in.  We have two seasons, let's use them wisely.

Emanuel Azan
State Director of Assessments
(931) 980-0461