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Misconduct Report Writing

The ONLY person that can change a submitted report is the Person that submitted it.

In Tennessee any Division match other than Division 4 (Recreational) must report any misconduct using the SOTN reporting system.  Reports must be filed within 48 hours of the end of the match.  Game Officials, Arbiter or any other method is not in compliance with this requirement.

Division 4 matches - Injuries - MAY be reported using this system.

Referees are not to Officiate matches other than Division 4 (Recreational) unless they have a roster with jersey numbers and player passes prior to the match starting.

The Referee is responsible for match reports, not the Assignor or Tournament Directors.

ANY event that Interferes with a match and causes a stoppage or prevents play requires a report: lightning, fan influence, acts of nature and unusual interuptions in play.

Misconduct Report System

This link will take you to the misconduct report system at

Misconduct Report Users Guide V2.3

This document should provide guidance for any questions that may arise. Questions and/or comments should be directed to the ASRA Soccer Officials of Tennessee (SOT).

Known issues with the Misconduct Report System

As of 9-18-14

To ensure all data entered is on the report take a look at the pdf after you submit the report, you can always edit the report to correct any mistakes. If the pdf is not viewable then see the Godaddy Server timeout issue below.

·        There is no spell check interface.

·        There is a Godaddy server timeout issue.  If you make an entry below the field then pause without making any input for more than 3 minutes before hitting submit report all data below the field will NOT be saved with the report.

·        PDF not emailing at end of submission process. This error is associated with the Godaddy timeout issue articulated above

·        Developers are working on all these issues

Common Report Errors

The items listed here are common errors and always require the referee to correct the report.

  • Referee entering jersey numbers in place of Player ID's
  • Not having the correct State Marked for the playing teams
  • Not having the correct Sex marked for the playing teams
  • Showing Bench Personnel Misconduct Cards, yellow & red.
  • Referee failing to state EXACTLY what was said, using abbreviations like "go to H.... you B..." to describe a word requiring some guess work on administrators.
  • Putting injuries/Bench Personnel in the "Other" field rather than the "Injury" field
  • Writing a paragraph filled with opinions rather than a sentence filled with FACTS.