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US Soccer recertification for special cases

USSF recertification for special cases


This page explains how officials who are special cases should register for 2017 with US Soccer.

Who are the Special Cases?

Special cases” are officials who do not recertify by taking a run-of-the-mill recert clinic. Special cases typically include

  • referees grade 6, 7, & 15,
  • referees who attended the advanced clinic (plus those who were excused from attending it),
  • referees who receive in-service-training credit for attending an SOTU event,
  • instructors,
  • assessors,
  • assignors,
  • futsal referees, and/or
  • indoor referees.

One can be a special case for one registration type and not a special case for a second registration type. For example, suppose you were a grade-8 referee and an assignor. You would recertify as a grade-8 referee by taking a run-of-the-mill recert clinic, and you would recertify as an assignor by following the special-cases instructions.

Outdoor referees who are upgrading will receive separate instructions from Brady regarding how they will register as a referee. You should not follow the instructions on this page for your referee registration.


How do the special cases recertify?

All officials must pay the appropriate registration fee(s), complete any required 'paperwork,' and take the appropriate refresher exam in order to recertify with US Soccer. If you are in the category special cases for one or more registration types, you can complete these requirements by going through the two-step process described below for each of the registration types.

Note 1: Some referees must fulfill additional requirements not addressed on this page (e.g., some referees must officiate at the state D1 tournament, pass one or more assessments, and/or pass the appropriate Sprint and Interval Tests). These additional requirements for upper-level referees are not addressed on this page. Rather, this page shows only how to

  • pay your registration fee(s) & complete your 'paperwork,' and
  • take the appropriate refresher exam.

Note 2: Even if you recertify for several registration types (e.g., say you are an instructor and an assessor), you take only one refresher exam.


Step one (pay registration fees and complete 'paperwork')


  1. Click the appropriate class (one of the following):
    1. z_referee_recert (special cases),
    2. z_assessor_recert (special cases),
    3. z_instructor_recert (special cases),
    4. z_assignor_recert (special cases),
    5. z_futsal_recert (special cases), or
      1. Comming Soon
    6. z_indoor_recert (special cases).
      1. Comming Soon
  2. Choose 'Click Here' at the bottom of the page.
  3. Log on to (if necessary) and choose the appropriate identity (referee, assessor, instructor, or assignor).
  4. Register for the class and pay the registration fee.
  5. To recertify as another registration type, repeat 1-4 above. When you are finished, go to Step two below.


Note: When registering for z_referee_recert (special cases), you may be asked for an override code. Please use '21149' (without the quotes).

Step two (take the appropriate refresher exam)

You should take only one exam, even if you are registering for multiple registration types.

You do not have to take an exam to register as an assignor, a futsal referee, or an indoor referee.

To determine which exam to take, use this table. If you are eligible to take more than one exam, take the one nearest to the top of the table.

Written Exam




Assessor/Instructor Refresher Exam

Grade-6 Refresher Exam


All grades

All grades

Grade-6 Refresher Exam


  • Grade 6 or 15
  • Those in the grade-7-to-6 upgrade program



Grade-7 Refresher Exam


  • Grade 7 
  • Those in the grade-8-to-7 upgrade program



Grade-8 Refresher Exam**


  • Grade 8



** The grade-8-refresher-exam link takes you to course 26377. If you belong to a referee association, you should instead take the exam accompanying your association's online recertification course.

To take the exam,

  1. Click the appropriate link in the first column of the above table. If you are eligible to take more than one exam, take the one shown nearest to the top of the column. (For example, an assessor who is also a grade-6 referee should take the Assessor/Instructor Refresher Exam.)
  2. Select 'Click Here' at the bottom of the page.
  3. Log on to (if necessary) and choose your appropriate identity (referee, assessor, instructor).
  4. Register for the class. You should not be charged a fee.
  5. Click 'load session tracker,' and follow the online instructions.


If you notice errors or omissions, or if you feel something needs to be clearer, please contact Greg Gruzalski.

Thank you.

Greg Gruzalski
State Director of Instruction, Tennessee